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VIP Membership: How to Stay Motivated and Get Awesome Results Week after Week.

Enrolments Close In:

Miss Fitness Life VIP is my next level program for women who have completed my 28 Day Challenge and want to keep their focus, motivation and results coming, week after week...

Here is What You Get in the VIP Membership program

1. Your Monthly Challenge Program

Every Month you get access to the new Challenge Program. 

The challenges in Miss Fitness Life VIP are always short (7- 28 days long).

Each Challenge has a different theme to reset and refresh your focus.

The Challenges run back to back so as one finishes another starts to keep up your momentum.

2. Your Weekly Workout Program

Every week I create a new workout program to slim and tone your tummy, hips, arms, thighs and butt fast...

By always "mixing it up" in your workouts your body never adapts to your program and you never get bored doing the same old workouts.

The workouts have easier versions of the exercises and allow you to progress from beginner to "fit".

Just print out your workouts or follow along on any phone or device.

3. Your Daily Motivation and Focus

Everyday I send you an email with a burst of positive energy to keep you focussed and on track.

3. Membership of the Miss Fitness Life VIP Private Facebook Group.

You also get access to the private Miss Fitness Life VIP Community on Facebook.

The group is a safe and positive place to interact with Vix and other women on the same mission as you.

4. New Meal Plan Recipes

I will be releasing exclusive new recipes for my meal plans...as a Miss Fitness Life VIP Member you will get them all...

Here are some of the new recipes I have been working on for Miss Fitness Life VIP Members...

How much does Miss Fitness Life 
VIP Membership Cost?


  • Your Monthly Challenge
  • Your Weekly Workout Program
  • Your Daily Motivation and Focus
  • VIP Private Facebook Group
  • New Meal Plan Recipes

From Just $3.67 Per Week

Enrolments Close In:

Monthly VIP Membership

$4.59 Per Week (Billed Monthly, Cancel any Time)

6 Month VIP Membership (Save 10%)

$4.13 Per Week (6 Months Paid in Full)

12 Month VIP Membership (Save 20%)
$3.67 Per Week (12 Months Paid in Full)

Here are some incredible results from women who started in one of my 28 Day Challenges and then 
became Miss Fitness Life VIP Members.


Nicky, 42, Mum of 3.


Lost the “Baby Belly” After Having 3 Kids


Over 50 and  20kgs Lost


56, Mum of 3 and 4 Grandchildren.


Full time working Mum of 2 Lost 30kgs


Got Abs After Having 2 kids


Lost 30kgs Works Full Time


Lost 69kg


Body Fat Change from 29% to 20% Working Full Time


Lost Lost 21kg,over 40 with 4 kids


Abs Over 40


Post Baby Slim Down


Working full time mum of two lost 20kgs