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How Mel, Nicola and Nicky Lost 20kgs

Without Missing Out on Pizza, Pasta or Cake, or Doing Hours of Exercise…

Today I am sharing a fast, easy way to lose weight...that works even if you LOVE food...

Hi my name is Vix!

I am a bit different to regular “fitness gurus”.

I've been out of shape, and I struggled with my weight for a long time...

and I have personally lost 20kgs

and LOVE Food.

And before I lost my 20kgs I had tried everything…and nothing had worked...

...strict diets, calorie counting, fasting, running, exercise videos, I had tried it all…

I only succeeded when I stopped doing what the weight loss and fitness industry said to do...

...and what I discovered helped me to lose 20kgs and has helped thousands of women I have shared this with ever since...

If you want to lose weight the fast and easy way there are three things you must know…

Tip 1: If You LOVE FOOD Going on a Diet is Not the Answer.

Before I lost my 20kgs I had tried every diet you can think of.

Every diet I tried always turned out the same

They made me hungry…

I felt like I was missing out on all my favourite foods...

…I would get cravings for all the foods that were “banned” on my diet.

I would give in, treat myself to the freshly baked muffin that was on the cafe counter…

and tell myself I would start again tomorrow.

If this sounds like you then you need a different approach to weight loss.

I discovered there is a way that you can enjoy all your favourite foods and lose weight, without ever feeling like you are missing out.

And it didn’t just work for me…

Tip 2: How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

One day I was watching pizza being made on one of those cooking shows.

I was horrified by what was in it…so much fatso many calories

I decided there must be a better way.

I tried making a pizza without all the fat and the calories… and I couldn’t believe it!

My Skinny Pizza Recipe was a success!

Tasty, filling, something I could look forward to eating and quick and easy to make.

Then I tried making a Skinny Spaghetti Bolognaise.

Everyone in my family loved it…they didn’t even notice it was my skinny version.

After lots of trial and error I finally cracked the “holy grail’’Skinny Banana Bread

I went from struggling to lose weight for years and years by trying to starve myself.

To losing 20 kgs faster than I believed was even possible and getting into the best shape of my life.

All by eating pizza, spaghetti and cake.

I started sharing this secret way to lose weight with everyone I knew who loved food

My family, my friends and they were all shocked by how quickly they were able to lose weight while still enjoying food like my Skinny Chocolate Cake, Burgers and Nachos.

Tip 3: How to Tighten and Tone Your Tummy, Hips, Thighs, Arms, and Butt.

When I was struggling to lose my 20kgs I hated exercise.

It didn’t matter what I tried- running, bootcamps, gym classes

…It was exhausting, time consuming and it did nothing to change the fat rolls I could not budge from my stomach.

After trying and failing for so long…I figured there must be something I was missing…

Then one day I remembered a woman at the gym who had the most incredible body I had ever seen.

She never did cardio, she never did gym classes.

What she was doing never looked hard, she never looked exhausted, so I gave it a try.

She always did simple exercises with hand weights…so I did the same…

and I was amazed with the results.

My Tummy, Hips, Thighs, Arms, and Butt got smaller and more toned.

And working out this way was so effective I only needed to exercise for 20 mins, 3 times a week.

This new way of working is out is perfect for:

  • Women in their 30s, 40s and 50s
  • Women who are currently out of shape
  • Women who haven’t exercised for a long time
  • Women who want to get back into shape after having kids

You can do these exercises at home (no gym is required)

If you have tried to diet...

or tried to cut out all of your favourite foods...

or tried to do hours of exercise...

and you haven't been able to stick with it...

It's Not Your Fault

Like me, you probably just thought that strict diets and hours of exercise was the only way to lose weight...

It took me years of frustration to work all this out...

and I want to make it super easy for anyone to succeed at losing weight (even if you love food)

So I have created a simple step by step program...

The Transform Program

Here is How the Program Works

1. Follow the Weekly Meal Plan

2. 120+ Yummy Bonus Recipes

Love Variety? You can swap any meal plan recipe for any of the 120+ Bonus Recipes

(I am adding new recipes all the time)

The Program Is Family Friendly

Food You Already Love

Quick and Easy to Prepare

Every week I send you a shopping list of simple ingredients you can grab from any supermarket.

There is complete support for:
Regular, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan.

You are Never Going to Feel Like You are Missing Out.

You can enjoy your favorite "naughty" foods every week.

3. Follow the Weekly "Slim and Tone" Workouts

4. Daily Motivation From Me

Staying motivated can be really tough, so

5. Motivation and Support

You are not doing this alone.

You will be part of my "Members Only" Facebook Group for daily motivation and support.




How Much Does the Transform Program Cost?

If you were to work with me at my studio it would cost well over $1560 for just 12 sessions.

I want to make this program really affordable for everyone.

You can follow the Transform program for less than $1 per day!




When Can I Start the Program?

Because I personally support every person using the program I only have very limited places available in the program.

I currently only have 56 44 places left in the program to start Monday Oct be sure to grab your place right away.





$29.95 per Month, Cancel any Time

6 Months (Save 10%)

One payment only $161

12 Months (Save 20%)

One payment only $287

If you are familiar with any of my programs you will know that...

You can feel smaller in your clothes...and lose weight on the scales in as little as 7 days.

Here are some results from the first 7 days on my program...

​You Don’t Need to Starve Yourself

You will be amazed by how many delicious meals you will be eating and you won’t ever be hungry.

​You Don't Need to Miss Out on Your Favourite Foods

You dont have to miss out on takeaway, restaurant meals or family bbqs.

​You Don’t Need to Join a Gym

All the workouts can be done at home...Over 80% of my current member’s workout from home.

​You Won’t Have to Spend Hours Working Out...

There's no complicated exercises, you are not going to feel self-conscious or embarrassed working out...just follow the pictures in the simple workout plans.

​You Won’t Have to Spend Hours Cooking or Preparing Ingredients You Have Never Heard of.

Every food you need can be bought from the supermarket.

Here are more incredible results from the program

The entire Transform Program is instantly downloadable.

You can view the meal plans, workouts and recipes, and all the guides on any computer, any phone or any device, anywhere in the world.

There's no waiting for a package to arrive in the mail, you get full access to the program right away.

Body Transformation Expert 
Personal Trainer, 
Fitness Writer, 
Editor Miss Fitness Life