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5 Meals You Can Still Enjoy (and Lose Weight)

Everyone thinks that to get into shape you need to eat bland, boring skimpy salads and meals with no flavour…

And it’s not true

I love food

I love eating

I love variety

So when I was trying to lose weight eating salads just wasn’t working for me...


I needed to find a way I could still enjoy my food.

Without becoming the size of a house :-)

So I made it my mission to create incredible meals that I could look forward to every day and would help me to slim down and tone up.

and it worked!!

and I have been sharing my recipes with women on my programs ever since...

You can eat all of these meals daily on my programs...

1.  Skinny Pizza

Yes you can get into incredible shape eating Pizza!!!

2.  Banana Bread

I am really strict about the nutrition a recipe has to have before it can be included on my meal plans.

and it has to taste great 

More recipes actually fail on taste than ever make it into my meal plan recipes.

It took me a really long time (and lots of failed cakes)...

I finally cracked the formula for delicious, moist, yummy cakes and muffins you can eat every day on my meal plans.

My banana bread has to be pretty close to the "holy grail" of Slim down foods.

It tastes exactly like regular banana bread even though it is has no added sugar no butter (unlike regular banana bread which is packed full of both).

3.  Sossy Rolls

These Sossy rolls are the perfect meal for sharing with the family.  Kids just love them with tomato sauce.

4.  Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls are another family favourite!

5.  Berry Muffins

My Merry Muffins are made using the same "secret formula" as my Banana bread...

Who would have thought you could get into awesome shape eating yummy, moist muffins every day!

So if you are like me and you love food...and want to get into awesome shape in time for Summer...

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Here is more about the 
28 Day Summer Body Transformation

I decided to take all of my best “Body Transformation” Tricks,

combine them with my Rapid Results Meal Plans,

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So the overall results will be nothing short of dramatic.

Best of all:

  • You don’t have to starve yourself
  • You don’t have to miss out on your favourite foods
  • You don’t have to spend hours and hours working out
  • You don’t even have to join a gym

PS I am personally coaching the program so I only have 56 places available.

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