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A Secret Trick: How to Lose Weight Eating Pizza, Burgers and Takeaway

This week I am sharing how I finally discovered how to lose 20kgs...

Whenever I help people it all comes down to a few "Secrets"...

Today I am sharing a Secret Trick you can use so you never miss out on any of your favourite foods.

We all have our favourite go-to food.

That food or meal that really hits the spot you really enjoy and look forward to.

Traditional diets have you believe that you need to miss out on all your favourite foods and that you can no longer enjoy your favourite meals.

When I lost my 20kg I discovered I could still enjoy my favourite go-to meal once a week

That meal could be:

  • pizza and garlic bread,
  • spaghetti bolognese,
  • Thai noodles,
  • burgers and wedges,
  • a slice of apple pie,
  • going out to dinner with my partner,
  • or having an Indian takeaway on the couch watching a great funny film.

Having a special meal with your favourite foods once a week actually resets your metabolism to burn more fat 24/7.

This means you get faster results week after week.

If you like to socialize and entertain this is perfect for you as it creates a lifestyle balance.

If you could still eat your favorite foods and you didn’t feel like you were ever missing out

Do you think it would make getting into shape easier?

Nicola: Over 20kgs Lost Without
Missing Out on Her Favourite Foods

Nicola is a 50-year-old mum of two,
she’s got a really busy job, and travels a lot.

Nicola always thought that to lose weight, she would have to miss out on all her favourite foods.

Once Nicola discovered my program she found out she could get into awesome shape, without missing out on her favourite foods.

Nicola was still able to enjoy her favourite gourmet prawn pizza every week from her favourite restaurant.

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