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How I Lost 20kgs
(Without starving myself, dieting or crazy workouts)

This week I am sharing how I finally discovered how to lose 20kgs...

Yesterday I shared everything I had tried that didn't work...

...and how I finally was able to change my body only after I forgot everything I had been told by the weightloss and the fitness industry about:

  • starving myself,
  • dieting,
  • and thrashing my body with crazy workouts...

Today I am revealing exactly how I lost those 20kgs

When I lost those 20kgs people really noticed the change in my body and were asking me how I did it.

​When I told them, I found out what I discovered didn’t just work for my body…

It’s worked for thousands of other women ever since.

For the last 15 years, I’ve been on a mission to help women to get unstuck in their weight loss.

I became a personal trainer and set up my own body transformation gym.

Then, to help even more people, I set up my online programs, and I’ve been able to help thousands of women to completely change their bodies.

Everything I do today is to help people who feel stuck just like I did.

Whenever I help people it all comes down to a few Secrets

Here is the first secret:

1. Quit Your Diet and Give Your Body What it Needs

Yes I did just say Quit Your Diet!!!

I am sure everyone reading this has tried a diet...

The thinking behind dieting is simple...the less calories you have the more weight you will lose.

But there is one massive catch to dieting.

When you cut out foods and cut back on calories, you starve your body of nutrients and slow your metabolism.

When you cut out foods and cut back on stop give your body what it needs.

If you want to slim down and tone up... restrictive dieting the WORST thing you can do.

Here is what happens on a traditional diet:

1. You go on a particular diet and you try and stick it out for as long as you can.

As soon as you stop giving your body what it is what happens...

2. Before you know it, you get super hungry.

3. Your hunger increases and increases and then you start having cravings.

4. Cravings for all these ridiculous foods– junk food, cheesy foods, savory foods.

5. You finally give in with a blowout thinking, “I’ll just have it and then I’ll start again on Monday,”

Then on Monday you start your diet again.

I call this the diet cycle, and I had been doing it for years.

If you’ve tried and failed to stick with a traditional diet or weight loss program,

It’s not your fault.

In a traditional weightloss program, the harder you try, the more your body gets messed up.

When your body is starved of nutrients it struggles to function and ​sooner or later you just cant stick with it."

When You body is messed up from dieting here is what you experience:

  • Stalled weight loss
  • Uncontrollable cravings followed by blowouts.
  • You are hungry all the time
  • You start emotional eating
  • You have belly fat that won’t budge
  • You have low energy levels
  • Your metabolism is broken

All my dieting had totally messed up my body.

So if Diets don't work what does work?

You need to give your body exactly what it needs.

How to you do that?

The best way to start giving your body what it needs is through pure, simple and fresh ingredients…

I’m not saying eat just lettuce and carrot sticks

As long as you stick to pure, natural ingredients you can eat heaps of delicious meals.

Here are some of the recipes I created when I lost my 20kgs, and now are part of the programs I share with my clients

You also dont have to spend hours in the kitchen.

  • I absolutely love food and I love variety, but I'm not a chef.

  • I don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.

These are just simple everyday meals that are quick and easy to prepare, but they taste absolutely delicious.

You don’t need to miss out on:

Muffins, Noodles, Bread, Peanut Butter, Potatoes, Wedges, Pizza, Spring rolls, Sossy rolls...

Even coffee as well.

How Mel Lost 30kgs by Giving here Body What it Needs.

Mel, 43, Mum of 2

Mel always believed that to get into great shape, she would need to cut calories and cut carbs and go on restrictive diets.

Once Mel realised she could give her body what it needed by eating heaps of delicious food made from pure ingredients, she lost 30kgs super-fast.

Be sure to check your email tomorrow where I reveal secret #2: How to Kickstart Your Metabolism for fast Fatloss...

If you are ready to totally transform your body starting right away...

  • without dieting,
  • without starving yourself,
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