Superclean Chocolate Switch - Miss Fitness Life

We are currently not able to get hold of the variety of Organic Raw Cacao we use in Superclean Chocolate.

Currently there is none of the variety of Organic Raw Cacao we use available from for sale anywhere in Australia.

No other variety of Cacao is quite as "special" as our variety so we have decided not to substitute.

Until we get more Superclean... there are varieties that are not quite as special as Superclean...but they will get you out of a Chocolate Fix :-)

For Australia

Before Vix discovered Superclean chocolate she used to get Power Superfoods Raw Cacao.

You can order Power Superfoods Raw Cacao online from the link below, and it is available in many health food stores.

Click Here for the details

For New Zealand

Amanda, our NZ superstar has been using Bioglan Brand Organic Raw Cacao in the recipes.  

Bioglan Organic Raw Cacao is readily available in stores and online.  (Click on Stockists in the link below for more details)

Click Here for the details

TIP The Cacao that is currently available in Health Food Stores is from Peru and is pale, gritty and bitter and is best avoided.

We definitely want to have Superclean Choc in the future, but for now we dont have an ETA on when this will be.