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Hi my name is Victoria Marie. Everyone calls me Vix.

I have been coaching women to lose weight and tone up for the last 18 years...

One thing I noticed again and again was...

A lot of my clients would eat healthy but then...

mess it up with chocolate...

It might be a chocolate bar doing the shopping…

or sneaking the kid’s chocolates after dinner...

I wish I could tell them that chocolate was ok…

But chocolate is 60% sugar
as well as
high in carbs
and high in fat...

If losing weight and toning up is your goal...

Chocolate can really mess things up

So I set out to find a solution...

The Secret of Superclean Chocolate

I discovered that there is one special variety of Raw Chocolate 

that only grows in a small part of West Africa.

When this one variety of Raw Chocolate is organically farmed

and hand-picked at just the right time it tastes amazing.

This one variety of Raw Chocolate is Rich and Smooth in Taste

  • Soft and Velvety in Texture  
  • So Naturally sweet...

It is the chocolate of choice for high end Swiss Chocolatiers

and French Pastry Makers.

Because this Chocolate tastes incredible without added sugar, fat, or artificial sweeteners

I called it Superclean Chocolate.

You can enjoy Superclean Chocolate every day

and beat chocolate cravings...

and slim down your tummyhipsthighsarms and butt... 

Use Superclean Chocolate to create...



Blend with Flat Tummy Protein for a delicious Chocolate Smoothie...


Tasty snacks without the fat, sugar or calories...



To make it really easy for everyone to use use Superclean Chocolate...
So I created a Flat Tummy Chocolate Recipe guide with all the best fast, easy to make delicious Superclean Chocolate Recipes.

This recipe guide is FREE with every purchase of Superclean Chocolate.

Here are some incredible results from women who love their Superclean Chocolate Treats...



Don't Miss Out!

I am finding it harder and harder to get the special variety of chocolate I use in Superclean Chocolate.

When I run out of Superclean Chocolate you can't get this variety of Raw Chocolate in Australia at all.

I only have limited stocks of Superclean Chocolate available so be sure to stock up before it is too late ...

Save up to 30% Off Sale

Sale Ends In:

Super Saver Bundle


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2 x 300g Superclean Choc +

90 Serves Flat Tummy Protein +
Flat Tummy Choc Recipe Guide

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Choc + Flat Tummy Protein Bundle

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1 x 300g Superclean Choc +

30 Serves Flat Tummy Protein +
Flat Tummy Choc Recipe Guide
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$88.95 (Save 24%)

Triple Choc

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3 x 300g Superclean Choc +
Free Choc Recipe Guide

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$65.95 (Save 26%)

Single Choc

1 x 300g Superclean Choc +
Free Choc Recipe Guide

Free Express Delivery

Today Only Save Up to 30% Off + Free Delivery

 All orders ship from the Sunshine Coast Queensland 

Delivery takes 1- 6 working days all over Australia.

Delivery to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane metro is 1-2 Days.

Superclean Choc is Meal Plan Approved

Superclean Choc is approved for all Miss Fitness Life Meal Plans.

Here are some incredible results from women who love their Superclean Chocolate Treats...

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based? Miss Fitness Life HQ is in the Sunshine Coast Queensland, Australia.   You can contact us by clicking here

What are the Ingredients and Nutrition Details? 

Is Superclean Chocolate Gluten Free?


Is Superclean Chocolate Vegetarian?


Is Superclean Chocolate Vegan?


Is Superclean Chocolate Dairy Free?


Does Superclean Chocolate contain any added sugar?

There is no added sugar in Superclean Chocolate.

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You can use Paypal, Visa, Debit, Mastercard, Amex, and Debit Cards.

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Can I order the Super Saver Bundle or the Choc + Smoothie Mix Bundle in Raw Pea?

Yes- Click Here to Order the Bundles in Raw Pea

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