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I am so sorry...

Slimdown Smoothie Mix is currently only available in Australia.

Click Here for Slimdown Smoothie Mix in Australia

Everywhere Else: The issues are the cost of shipping and long delays with customers orders passing through international customs.

My intention is to have Slimdown Smoothie Mix available everywhere and we are working behind the scenes to make this happen.

In the USA

I found this product which is zero additives, zero chemicals and compatible with all our recipes.

Click Here for Raw Organic Whey

In the UK You Can use these products on my programs in place of Slimdown Smoothie Mix.

* Other products sold by Pulsin are not suitable for my programs, if you stick with the two products above you are fine :-)


Vegan Pea Protein

Other Regular Store Bought Shake / Protein Mixes are not suitable for my Programs as they will bulk you up. 

(You have been warned :-)

Any questions? Contact me by clicking here