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Nicola wanted to look and feel Amazing for her 50th Birthday..check out how she did it...

Tell me about Yourself Nicola

I am a Mum, an artist and a minister.

I travel a lot speaking in churches and at community events.

I exhibit my art in exhibitions and take it with me when I travel.

Why did you want to lose weight?

I set a goal to be in the best shape of my life by my 50th Birthday..

I couldn’t fit into my clothes and was so frustrated.

I found Vix through a friend recommending her and have been hooked ever since!

What part of your body did you want to change the most?

My legs and bum.

What was the turning point that made you decide – YES I am going to change my body and get into shape?

I was in a cycle of putting on 5-10 kg then having to work really hard to get it off.

I couldn’t hang onto my weight loss, starving myself and then splurging to make up for it.

Tell me about some of the physical changes that you have noticed

I am so happy with my body now. I have lost so many kg of fat and so many centimeters.

Everyone is telling me how great I look.

I feel so fit and strong and unstoppable

Were you following any program to help you to lose the weight?

I followed an online program called Transform.  Vix who put the program together has lost 20kgs herself.

The program is all about eating delicious food, eating often through the day and it is nothing like "dieting".

It was unlike any other program I had tried because I was actually eating heaps of yummy food and it didn't feel like I was dieting at all.

What were you eating when you lost 20kgs?

In the Transform program Vix sends you a meal plan and extra recipes to use every week.

This is the best eating plan and exercise plan I have ever discovered.

I know exactly the right balance of foods now and I can enjoy my food without starving myself!

I am addicted to the Slimdown Smoothies and the Chocolate Bliss Balls.

What exercise where you doing when you lost 20kgs?

I exercised at home following the workouts in Vix's Program..

I love the workouts as they are so achievable and Vix keeps it interesting every day, every week, every month.

What would you say to anyone who is thinking about starting the Transform Program

Just do it!  

It works !

I Am proof that you can drop kilos every week.

This is the best eating plan and exercise plan I have ever discovered.

Vix is a gift to anyone who wants to change their body.

Vix has so much experience and so much knowledge …

I highly recommend Miss Fitness Life and Vix’s Programs to anyone!

I am a believer!!!! Nicola

Nicola lost 20kgs by following the Meal Plan, Recipes and Workouts in the Transform Program

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About Vix and the Transform Program

Hi my name is Victoria Marie, everyone calls me Vix.

I created the Transform Program.​​

I'm a bit different to other "fitness gurus"

I've been out of shape, and I struggled with my weight for a long time...

and I have personally lost 20kgs

I discovered how to transform my body without starving myself, missing out on my favourite foods...

or doing hours and hours of exercise

It turns out that my secret didn't just work for me, it has worked for thousands of women I have shared it with.

For the last 17 years I have been using my secret to help women lose 10-30 kgs without ever feeling hungry or deprived or exhausted from exercise.

And my "Secret" works faster than any diet you have ever tried...

  • In 2003 I set up the first ever "Body Transformation" studio in Sydney

  • In 2012 I set up my first online program and moved to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland...

When I am not coaching women on my program I love spending my time with my Dogs Ziggy and London and my horse Connie.

PS remember to get your "sneak peak" Download of Day 1 of the Transform Program Here for FREE.