Miss Fitness Life Singlets

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I designed these to be Super FLATTERING for any shape…

  • Light Technical Stretchy Fabric - that holds you in

  • Super Breathable

  • LONG – so its not riding up your belly

  • Racer Back for making your body look athletic
  • Higher in the back and arms to minimise Back and Bra Fat

Perfect as casual wear, working out and long walks where you don’t want to feel frumpy.

Select Your Singlet

Pink: Live Fit, Love Life

$19.95 (save 43% Off)

Black: This Princess Wears Running Shoes

$19.95 (save 43% Off)

White: Don't Wish for It

$19.95 (save 43% Off)

True to Size

95% Cotton, 5% Elastane

PS I got these singlets as a once only order, I wont be able to get them again...so be sure to grab your singlet while you can...

Victoria Marie (Vix)
Rapid Body Transformation Expert
Personal Trainer,
Fitness Writer,
Editor Miss Fitness Life