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How Mel Lost 30kgs

Hi its Vix here, I am super excited to share Mel’s incredible success using the Transform Program. 

Tell me about Yourself Mel

I am a 43 year old mum with two children, 10 and 8.

I work full time and have the busiest life you could imagine.

My husband works shift work.

My kids keep me busy most nights of the week and on weekends with sporting commitments.

I first started using Vix's Transform program weighing 99.1kg.

Why did you want to lose weight?

I felt like a failure to myself that I had allowed myself to become so overweight and unfit.

I have two healthy active children and I wanted to set a positive example for them.

The way I was going I was afraid they would be embarrassed to be with me.

I couldn't live with myself if I passed on the legacy of being overweight to them through inactivity and bad food choices.

I wanted to be happy about myself again.

What part of your body did you want to change the most?

I wanted a flat stomach so I didn't have have to worry about muffin tops or looking 6 months pregnant all the time.

What was the turning point that made you decide – YES I am going to change my body and get into shape?

It was a family holiday to Sydney

I was very upset when I realised I had no clothes I felt comfortable in other than a pair of jeans and a few t-shirts even though it was the middle of summer.

I couldn't bear to see myself in shorts or dresses.

Photos we took on that holiday showed me to be the fat faced and unhealthy looking person I’d previously refused to acknowledge.

What were you eating when you lost 28kgs?

In the Transform program Vix sends you a meal plan and extra recipes to use every week.

My favourites were Pizza, Burgers, my daily Slimdown Smoothie and Vix's Chocolate Brownies

All the recipes were fast and easy to make and my family started eating them and loved them.

Vix has recreated so many everyday family favourites on the program so I never felt like I was missing out.

Vix also builds a “Free Meal” into the program every week so you don’t need to miss out on special meals with the family.

On the weekend my family could still have a meal out together at a Thai restaurant or a weekend lunch at a Cafe.

What exercise where you doing when you lost 28kgs?

In the Transform program Vix sends you a weekly exercise program.

Vix said to start with 20 mins, 3 times per week so I just started up like that.

I work out at home mostly.

It's the only way I can fit it in around the needs of my husband's shift work and the kids.

Working out at home means I can workout whenever I can get time, wear whatever I want and listen to my music without worrying about who else is around.

Tell me about some of the physical changes that you have noticed

I am leaner, stronger and more defined physically.

My skin is clearer and I look younger now than I did 2 years ago.

I have more energy to keep up with the challenges of my busy life and mentally I am so much more positive.

What would you say to anyone who is thinking about starting the Transform Program

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the program to anyone!

If you follow this program 100% I guarantee you will get results.

I've lost 30kg on the program to date and lost over 140cm off my body.

I've seen similar results achieved by many other women who are following the program.

I am one of the busiest women I know and if I can fit this in and achieve my goal then anyone can!

I love the knowledge Vix has in nutrition and fitness and how she loves to share what she knows!

Wow I hope you are as impressed with Mel as I am, Vix

Mel used the Transform program to lose 30kgs.

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