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Welcome to the Slimdown Kickstart!

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Here is what is in Your Slimdown Kickstart Guide

1. How to Kickstart Your Motivation
2. How to Kickstart Your Nutrition

Includes: How to Quit Your Diet
How to Beat Cravings

3. How to Kickstart Your Workouts

Includes: Your Summer Beach Body Workout

Who am I and How do I know this Stuff?

Here is just little bit about me and how I discovered this stuff...

Hi my name is Vix :-) 

I am a bit different to regular “fitness gurus”. 

I have actually been out of shape. 

I have personally lost over 20kgs and over 4 jean sizes. 

When I was young I definitely wasn’t the “sporty” type.

I grew up eating coco pops, hot chips on white bread and drinking Fanta.

After many years of struggling with my own weight, I finally discovered how to change my body…

And what I discovered was the exact opposite of what the fitness and weightloss industry will tell you.

When I shared what I discovered with other women…it worked for them too.

After I lost my 20kgs I became a personal trainer and set up my own body transformation gym...

...then my online programs where I have been able to help thousands of women to completely change their bodies.

For the last 15 years I have been on a mission to help women who feel stuck in their weight loss…just like I was.

Everything I do is to help women to slim down, tone up and get back to looking and feeling awesome

To give women back their confidence and energy to live life to the fullest.

OK let's get into the Slimdown Kickstart…  

Slimdown Kickstart 1: Set a Simple Goal

Your first step is to set a really simple goal.

One of the best simple goals to set is to pick an item of clothing you want to fit better in to. 

It could be a work shirt or skirt, your favourite pair of pants, or a dress you want to feel more confident in.

Fitting better into this item of clothing is your focus.

Slimdown Kickstart 2: Get Motivated

I want everyone who reads this kickstart guide to know that they can start losing weight in as little as 7 Days, regardless of your

  • age
  • current fitness level
  • current shape 
  • current weight

Here is some inspiration from you from just some people who have followed my program:

The truth is that anyone can make a dramatic change to their body in just 7 days.

Here are just some results from 7 days of following my program.

All I want you to do is to focus on those first 7 days…

If you had an incredible result in 7 days do you think you will be motivated for the next 7 days? and the next 7? and the next?

Slimdown Kickstart 3: Quit Your Diet

Everyone thinks that to get into shape you need to go on an extreme diet and give up your favourite foods.

That you that you need to cut carbs, eat nothing but carrot sticks and lettuce...

Tiny portion sizes, bland foods, counting every calorie…

It Is Just Not True

​No-one can stick to this kind of diet, you get hungry, so hungry, you get cravings, you are tired and cranky… 

The biggest turning point I had in changing my body, and this has worked for thousands of my clients as well, was when I stopped dieting.

Slimming down and toning up is not about starving your body and restricting food.

To Slimdown and tone up fast, without hunger and cravings you need to give your body what it needs.

The best way to do this? Eat More.

When I lost my 20kgs my biggest breakthrough was when I started eating pure, natural, fresh foods.

I am not saying you can only eat salad either :-)

I ate the meals below every day and lost weight every week.  Now my clients do the same.

You don’t need to miss out on: 

Muffins, Noodles, Bread, Peanut Butter, Potatoes, Wedges, Pizza, Spring rolls, Sossy rolls... 

Even coffee as well. 

If you could still eat your favourite foods do you think it would make it easier?

Here are more of the recipes I created when I lost my 20kgs and are now part of my programs.

How Mel Lost 30kgs by Eating More

Mel, 43, Mum of 2

Mel always believed that to get into great shape, she would need to cut calories and cut carbs and go on restrictive diets.

Once Mel realized that she could eat more, she lost 30kgs super-fast.

Slimdown Kickstart 4: ​
Fire up your Metabolism

The simplest trick for Firing up your Metabolism is to eat often.

Eating Often:

  • Fires up your metabolism (helping you to burn fat 24/7)
  • Makes you feel fuller
  • Helps you beat cravings
  • Stops Snacking

Here’s an example of how people following my program eat often each day...

How Catherine Lost 30kgs by Eating Often

Catherine is a busy 46-year-old mum of two who works full-time.

Catherine always believed that to lose weight she would need to skip meals.

Once Catherine started to eat more often, she was just shocked with how fast she was losing weight.

Slimdown Kickstart 5: 
Never Miss out on Your Favourite Foods

Traditional diets have you believe that you need to miss out on all your favourite foods and can no longer enjoy your favourite meals.

I discovered I could still enjoy my favorite go-to food once a week, whether that was

  • Pizza and garlic bread,
  • Spaghetti bolognese,
  • Thai noodles,
  • Burgers and wedges,
  • a slice of apple pie,
  • going out to dinner with my partner,
  • or having an Indian takeaway on the couch watching a great funny film

Having a special meal with your favourite foods once a week actually resets your metabolism to burn more fat 24/7.

Nicola: Over 20kgs Lost Without
Missing Out on Her Favourite Foods

Nicola is a 50-year-old mum of two,
she’s got a really busy job, and travels a lot.

Nicola always thought that to lose weight, she would have to miss out on all her favourite foods.

Once Nicola discovered my program she found out she could get into awesome shape, without missing out on her favourite foods.

Nicola was still able to enjoy her favourite gourmet prawn pizza every week from her favourite restaurant.

Slimdown Kickstart 6: 
Kickstart Your Workouts

When people want to get into shape they often think that the only way to change their body would be to spend hours and hours in the gym…

  • If your body is out of shape and you are unfit,
  • If you are over 30 or 40 or 50...
  • You are busy with work
  • If you’ve had kids..

If any of the above is you...

Crazy hard workouts and hours and hours in the gym will just mess up your body.

Here are my top 5 Tips to Kickstart Your Workouts:

1. You dont have to thrash yourself in your workouts.

  • You dont have to take up running or do crazy hard bootcamp style workouts...

2. All you need to get started is 20 minutes three times a week.

  • You dont have to spend hours and hours in the gym.
  • 20 mins three times a week is all you need to get started building your fitness and strength.

3. You dont have to join a gym.

  • Over 80% of women following the workouts in my programs do the workouts at home.

Lee Toned her Baby Belly Working out at Home

Lee is a really busy mum with three little ones.

Lee always believed that to get into shape after 3 kids she would have to spend hours and hours in a gym.

For Lee this would have meant spending time travelling to and from the gym and finding baby sitters.

There’s just no way she could fit that into her busy day.

Once Lee discovered that she could get started using my program 20 mins, 3 times per week working out at home, Lee was unstoppable.

4. The best time to workout is anytime – just get it done morning, noon or night

To get you started click below for the “Summer Beach Body” Workout.

Vicki Lost 20 Kilos Working Out at Home

Vicki, 56, Mum of 3 and 4 Grandchildren.

Vicki is a full time working mum and grandma.

Vicki always thought that she was too old and too out of shape to join a gym.

Vicki follows my program and does all her workouts at home.

"I have battled with my weight all of my life, yo-yoing that many times that I’ve lost count.

This is the most content and happiest I’ve ever been, I wish I had started this program 30 Years ago"

Slimdown Kickstart 7: 
Live Your Miss Fitness Life

Your next Slimdown Kickstart is to Live what my members call a “Miss Fitness Life”

Living the Miss Fitness Life is:

  • Living a Fit and Active life.
  • Feeling Positive and Proud of yourself Everyday…
  • Feeling Amazing in any outfit you want to wear...
  • Having the Confidence to do more
  • Having Happy and Strong relationships with your partner, family and Friends...
  • Being a Fantastic Role model and Inspiration to everyone around you.

Just take one small step to get started...

Be active, go for a walk, play sport with the kids, take the family for a bike ride, explore somewhere new, do yoga or some stretching… Live your Miss Fitness Life

Slimdown Kickstart 8: 
How to Get Started

When you get started the right way getting into shape is so much easier.

Here is what to do.

1. Start with what you eat
When you start eating right:

  • Your energy will increase
  • You will feel less bloated
  • You will sleep better
  • You will have less cravings
  • You won’t be feeling hungry
  • You will notice your clothes fitting better in just days.

More Results from the first week of my program

Week 1 Results

2. Once you start eating better you will feel ready to workout.

Adding workouts: 

  • Will slim down and tone up your body
  • Will speed up your weight loss
  • Will give you more energy

When you do the right kind of workout...

all you need to get started is 20 mins 3 times per week.

PS If you want to make it super easy to get started I have just opened up places in my 28 Day Challenge (starting on Monday).

Here is more about the 28 Day Challenge

I have taken all of my best “Body Transformation” Tricks,

2. Combined them with my Rapid Results Meal Plans

3. Added 120+ Bonus Meal Plan Recipes so you have heaps of variety and choices

4. Added a set of my most responsive workouts for reshaping your tummy, hips, arms, thighs and butt. (you can do these workouts from home)

5. Added Social Support via my private Facebook group…

6. and I am personally coaching the program –
(With me as your Personal Trainer you don’t have to do this alone).

So overall the results will be nothing short of dramatic.

To find out all about the program click the link below…
Click Here to find out about the 28 Day Challenge

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