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Today I am sharing a fast, easy solution to lose weight...that will

flatten your tummy, slim down your arms and tone your hips and thighs...

and it works faster than any diet you have ever tried.

When I lost my 20kgs I discovered the secret to eating delicious food and losing weight...and this will work for you too!

Here is what I did when I lost my 20kgs...

For years I struggled with my weight.

I tried every diet you can imagine and nothing had worked.

Every diet I tried was impossible to stick with,

every diet I tried left me feeling hungry and

every diet I tried caused me to start craving all the foods I couldn’t have...

One day I realised that all these fad diets were never going to work for me because

I love food and I enjoy eating food...

If you love food like I do

You are not going to be able to eat the same old boring diet food every day.

So instead of trying to cut out all of my favourite foods... 

I thought what if I could reinvent my favourite meals?

What if I could reinvent the meals that I loved, and turn them into meals that helped me to lose weight.

The first recipe I "reinvented" was a Pizza

It took me a lot of trying… but eventually I had a pizza that had 41% less carbs than a regular pizza...

and it was delicious

It was super fast to make… and when I shared the recipe with my friends and family they LOVED it.

Every day I would get a coffee and a muffin for morning tea.

My muffin was loaded with sugar and fat and was NEVER going to help me get a flatter tummy.

I thought what if I could make a sweet, delicious and moist skinny muffin?

I won't lie…It took forever to perfect a yummy skinny muffin.

I made a lot of terrible tasting muffins along the way.

But then one day I had breakthrough...

My Berry Muffin was delicious and moist and really crushed my craving for muffins.

My Muffin had 64% less sugar than a regular cafe muffin.

Evening meals had always been hard for me

I was so tired after work.

I just didn’t have the time or energy to spend hours in the kitchen.

I just wanted something quick and satisfying so I could relax and watch my favourite show on the telly before bed.

So I tried reinventing Spaghetti.

After a lot of trial and error I was finally able to create the perfect recipe for a delicious fast spaghetti (made with real pasta).  

I discovered I had a knack for recreating recipes for yummy 'skinny' versions of all my favourite foods...

My versions of all these foods have less calories, less carbs, less sugar and less fat... and are still delicious and satisfying...

I was eating the best food ever,

I was never hungry 

and I was losing weight faster than I believed was possible.

I lost 20kg.

My jeans went from a size 14 jeans that were too tight

(cutting me in half)

to a size 8 that fit perfectly on my hips with no muffin top.

And these recipes didn’t just help me to lose weight…

...everyone I shared them with lost weight too.

I realised I loved helping other women to lose weight and get a flat tummy.

I became a Body Transformation Coach and set up my Body Transformation Studio and online programs.

I have helped thousands and thousands of women get into incredible shape without having to give up on food they enjoy.

It’s been 18 years since I created that first flat tummy recipe.

And over those 18 years I have been making my recipes taste even more delicious, and even faster and easier to make.

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