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How to Make a Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie 
In Less than 30 Seconds

Why I Created Flat Tummy Protein

Hi my name is Victoria Marie. Everyone calls me Vix.

I created Flat Tummy Protein.

I am a little bit different to most “weight loss gurus”.

I have actually been out of shape, and I struggled with my weight for a long time.

I tried and failed at every diet and exercise program.

I heard that having a protein shake could be a fasteasy way to lose weight and get a flatter tummy...

I searched and searched but I could never find a protein that didn't taste awful, wasn't packed full of nasty, fake chemicals or was made to help bodybuilders bulk up.

So I made my own...

and Flat Tummy Protein was born.

Flat Tummy Protein helped me to lose 20kgs.

I designed Flat Tummy Protein for women who are looking for a fast, easy way to lose weight and get a flatter tummy...

..without ever feeling hungry or deprived or exhausted from exercise...

Flat Tummy Protein didn’t just work for me, it has worked for the thousands of women who have used it since.

It works faster than any diet you have ever tried...

Give it a go!

How Does Flat Tummy Protein Work?

Flat Tummy Protein is High in Protein to:

  • Burn Belly Fat
  • Stop Hunger
  • Stop Sugar Cravings
  • Make you Feel fuller
  • Give you More Energy
  • Give you Clearer Skin
  • Smooth out Cellulite
  • Give you Shinier Hair
  • Give you Stronger Nails
  • Give you Brighter Eyes
  • Increase your Mental Focus

Flat Tummy Protein is Guaranteed 100% Natural

Flat Tummy Protein is 100% clean and natural with no added chemicals or sweeteners.

  • Tastes great
  • No aftertaste
  • No bloating
  • Easy to digest

Regular shakes are flavoured with fake chemical flavours and packed full of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

All the fake ingredients cause belly bloat and have a nasty aftertaste.

The sweetness and flavour comes from the fruit you choose for your smoothie.

Create Unlimited Flavours From the One Pack

By adding different fruits to your smoothie you can have endless delicious smoothies from the same packet.

You get all my best recipes in the Free Bonus Recipe Guide

Your Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie is a treat you can look forward to every day.

Quick and Easy to Use

Make a complete meal in less than 30 seconds

Gluten Free
Dairy Free and Vegan available

One Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie a Day

  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Keeps you regular
  • Flush toxins from your body
  • Stops fat storage on the stomach and waistline

Here are more incredible results from Flat Tummy Protein.


What are the Ingredients and Nutrition Details?

Is Flat Tummy Protein Gluten Free?

Is Flat Tummy Protein Vegetarian?

Is Flat Tummy Protein Dairy Free?
Regular Flat Tummy Protein Contains Dairy.
Raw Pea Flat Tummy Protein is Dairy Free.
*Click Here for Raw Pea Flat Tummy Protein

Is Flat Tummy Protein Vegan?
Regular Slimdown Smoothie Mix Contains Dairy.
Raw Pea Slimdown Smoothie Mix is Vegan.
*Click Here for Raw Pea Flat Tummy Protein

Does Flat Tummy Protein have any added sugar?
There is no added sugar in Flat Tummy Protein.

Can I order if I don’t have a Paypal account?
Yes you can: Click here for the instructions

Returns Policy
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