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Starts Mon Dec 2nd

Flat Tummy Challenge Guide

Congratulations on getting a place in the FLAT TUMMY Challenge!

The Flat Tummy Challenge is the fast, easy way to get a flatter tummy!

You will beat belly bloat, and your clothes will feel looser in just days

You will notice a difference in the mirror in as little as a week!

Get ready for a flatter tummy!

To show you how fast your tummy can change...here are some results from a previous challenge...

Here is what is possible when you get started

Nicky is a mum who started in this very challenge...and look at her now...20kgs gone and a super flat tummy.

How the Challenge Works

Starting on Monday I will be sharing my very best Flat Tummy Secrets.

Each day you will get an email from me
with a flat tummy trick and a flat tummy toning exercise of the day.

* Mel below started with the challenge and got into the Best Shape of her Life

Your Flat Tummy Guide

1. About me and how I know this stuff

Hi my name is Vix!

I am a bit different to regular “fitness gurus”.

I've been out of shape, and I struggled with my weight for a long time...

and I have personally lost 20kgs

and LOVE Food.

And before I lost my 20kgs I had tried everything…and nothing had worked...

...strict diets, calorie counting, fasting, running, exercise videos, I had tried it all…

I only succeeded when I stopped doing what the weight loss and fitness industry said to do...

...and what I discovered helped me to lose 20kgs and has helped the thousands of women I have shared this with ever since...

I have been helping women get into shape for more than 17 years….first as a trainer at my transformation studio, then through my online programs.

The number 1 question I am always asked my women is “How do I get a Flatter Tummy”...

So I have put all my insider secrets into the Flat Tummy Challenge…

First some great news...

Every Woman can have a Super Flat Tummy.

It does not matter if you are over 30 or 40 or 50 yrs of age – you can have a Flat Tummy

It does not matter if you have 10kg, 20kg or 30kg+ to lose – you can have a Flat Tummy

It does not matter if you have had 2, 3, 4 or more kids – you can have a Flat Tummy

It does not matter if you have never had a flat tummy before

2. What everyone does wrong (don’t do this)

Most women think that the only way they could get a flat tummy is to..

  • Starve themselves
  • Drastically Restrict calories and 
  • Do hours and hours of exhausting cardio

    I discovered there is a far more effective way to get a flat tummy...that is actually a lot easier as well...

3. The Big Secret

The truth is there are a few simple tricks that will help you to get a flatter tummy in just days…

Here is a sneak peek of what is coming up in the challenge…

Day 1 

How to Beat Belly Bloat in 24 hours.

+ Your flat Tummy Toning Exercise of the Day

Day 2

How to Flush the Fat

+ Your flat Tummy Toning Exercise of the Day

Day 3

The easy way to boost your metabolism

(anyone can do this)

+ Your flat Tummy Toning Exercise of the Day

Day 6
How to get a flat tummy without giving up Pizza or Takeaway

+ Your Flat Tummy Toning Exercise of the Day

Your Flat Tummy Challenges will start on Monday

TIP Be sure to add my email address [email protected] to your address book

Check your spam and junk folder just in case the messages go in there by mistake.

3. The Easy, Fast Way to Get a Flat Tummy...

If you want to make getting a Flat Tummy as Fast and as Easy as possible…

Then have a daily Flat Tummy Smoothie made with my Exclusive Flat Tummy Protein which I created specifically for Women... 

Flat Tummy Protein is 100% Natural and High in Protein to: