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Don’t Do What I Did…
(If You Want To Get Into Shape FAST)

I am a bit different to regular “fitness gurus”.

I've actually been out of shape, and I've personally lost over 20 kilos.

Today I am going to share how not to get into shape

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When I was young I definitely wasn’t the “sporty” type.

I grew up eating coco pops, hot chips on white bread and drinking Fanta.

I struggled to get into shape for a really long time.

There was a time in my life where I was incredibly unhappy with my body.

  • My clothes didn't fit...
  • I was unhappy with how I looked in photos…
  • I was frustrated with the fat I could see every time I looked in the mirror…

Like a lot of people reading this, I tried everything from the weight loss and fitness industry and nothing had worked.

I had been trying to get into shape for a really long time.

I Tried Putting Myself on Extreme Starvation Diets.

I would always start off okay, but soon after I would get uncontrollable cravings and hunger.

My hunger led me to crave all the wrong foods, and every diet always ended in a blowout.

Then, full of shame, I would start all over again.

I Forced Myself to Start Running.

Everyone told me “all I needed to do was to go for a run”.

  • I hated every second of it,
  • I dreaded every hill,
  • It made me feel sick.
  • And it was soooo boring.

Worst of all I was extra hungry afterwards…

In Desperation, I Joined a Gym.
I was so self-conscious.

I had no idea about what I should be doing.

The first time I went to the gym, I flew off the back of the treadmill onto the ground in front of everyone…

It was so embarrassing.

I also tried:

Extreme starvation diets, detox kits, magic weight loss pills, skinny teas, diet foods, eating clean, juice fasting, running, joining a gym,

I had tried them all and none of them worked.

I might lose a bit of weight, but never as much as I wanted and soon it just went straight back on.

I just didn’t know what else I could do.

  • I was hungry all the time.
  • I had crazy cravings.
  • I couldn't budge the fat from my tummy.
  • I just didn’t have the energy to do anything.

I was stuck in a dieting rut.

I had my biggest breakdown when I saw photos from my holiday.

It was one of those moments where you’re just like – “Oh my gosh, is that me?”

At that moment I realised that all off my dieting had actually made me more out of shape.

I had more fat,

more cellulite,

my clothes were too tight

and I even looked OLDER than my age

In that photo I was just so sad.

After trying and failing for so long I'd lost my confidence, lost my self esteem and I was just so disappointed in myself.

I started crying.

“Why can’t I have the body I want?

It’s so unfair.

Why is it so hard to lose weight?

I was beginning to believe that I would never have the body I longed for.

After my biggest breakdown, I gave it one last try.

I just had to calm myself down, pull up my big-girl pants and just go – “You know what?

I’m a smart girl.

I’ve got to work this out.”

My biggest breakdown also turned out to be my biggest breakthrough.

I needed to try something completely different, something I hadn't done before.

I decided forgot everything I had been told by the weightloss and the fitness industry about:

  • starving myself, 
  • dieting,
  • and thrashing my body with crazy workouts...

Then, the most amazing thing happened.

I lost just over 20 kilos.

The results came fast.

I went from a tight size 14 to a loose-fitting size 8 pair of jeans…

It just felt amazing.

Everything changed for me.

I wasn’t hungry all the time.

beat my cravings, and my energy levels skyrocketed.

Plus, my happiness, my confidence, my self-belief all increased.

I just felt like a brand-new person. I just felt alive, and I finally had the confidence and energy to live the life I wanted to live.

What did I discover in my breakthrough?

What secret did I learn that helped me to transform my own body then to help thousands and thousands of other people?

Tomorrow I will share the secret to my breakthrough…

and this best thing about this secret? ​

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