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Can Women Over 40

Get a Flat Tummy?

The answer is YES

Here are some incredible results women over 40 have achieved following my program...

So why do women following my program get success when so many other women fail?

First of all, here is what won’t work to get a flat tummy over 40...

1. You can’t follow some "fluffy" tips shared by some skinny Instagram hero.

  • If someone has never been out of shape themselves,
  • If they have the metabolism of a 20 year old

They have no idea what it really takes for "the rest of us" to get into shape.

2. You can’t follow some program put together by a fitness model who spends hours and hours in the gym every day

  • Who lives on broccoli and bone broth
  • And is secretly pumping themselves full of dangerous stimulants

This approach isn’t healthy and it is not realistic or sustainable for women who work, women who have kids, women who want balance in their life

3. Restrictive dieting and starving yourself won't work.

This approach actually makes your tummy more flabby.

  • If you are over 30, 40 or 50
  • If you have kids
  • If you are out of shape
  • If you have struggled to get into shape for a long time...

Your body responds differently

Here’s the good news...

You can totally change your body, and get a flat tummy

  • You don’t have to starve yourself
  • You don’t have to miss out on your favourite foods
  • You don’t have to spend hours and hours working out
  • You don’t even have to join a gym

To help everyone out I have opened up places in a brand new 28 Day Summer Body Transformation.

The program starts after the October long weekend...its the perfect time to start working on getting a flatter tummy in time for summer...

Here is more about the 
28 Day Summer Body Transformation

I decided to take all of my best “Body Transformation” Tricks,

combine them with my Rapid Results Meal Plans,

and add a set of my most responsive workouts for reshaping your tummy, hips, arms, thighs and butt.

So the overall results will be nothing short of dramatic.

PS I am personally coaching the program so I only have 56 places available.

The last time I ran a program places completely sold out in just be sure to grab a place in the program early before they are all gone...