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I knew the results from my most recent challenge were going to be great…even I was amazed with the results from just the first week

Why do women on my programs get such incredible results so quickly?

It's because I am a bit different to regular “fitness gurus”.

I've actually been out of shape, and I struggled with my weight for a long time...

I've personally lost over 20 kilos.

I finally discovered "the secret" of how to change my body...

...and this secret has worked for thousands of women following my programs ever since...

Over the past 15 years I've worked with thousands of Body Transformation clients.

  • Women in their 30, 40 and 50s...

  • Women who want to lose 5kgs, 10kgs, 20kgs or more...

  • Women who have struggled with their weight for a long time and want to quit "yo yo" dieting...

  • Women who are ready to get their body back after having kids...

During this time I have gained some very cool insider knowledge on how to help my client’s look and feel awesome in as little as 28 Days.

I decided to take all of my best “Body Transformation” Tricks,

combine them with my Rapid Results Meal Plans,

and add a set of my most responsive workouts for reshaping your tummy, hips, arms, thighs and butt.

So the overall results will be nothing short of dramatic.

I am calling my brand new program the 28 Day Summer Body Transformation.

Here is How the
28 Day Summer Body Transformation Works

The program starts Monday October 22nd.

1. I will be personally coaching a group of 57 participants through the program. (no-one will be going it alone)

I have split the program into 2 Distinct Phases

Phase One is Fat Flush.

1. You start with the Fat Flush Meal Plan

I carefully crafted the Fat Flush meal plan to flush fat and toxins from your body and to rev up your metabolism.

The plan gives you exact serving sizes, heaps of variety and even has a handy shopping list.

  • The meal plan is full of yummy food, there is definitely no starving yourself or going hungry.
  • You don’t have to count calories or use calorie counters.
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    There are meal swaps for every meal so you get heaps of choices and never get stuck eating something you dont like.

There is complete support and recipes for:
Regular, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan and Breastfeeding Mums.

2. Bonus Meal Plan Recipes

I am also including 120 Bonus Recipes you can swap for any meal in the meal plan.

The recipes are easy to prepare, family friendly, and contain simple ingredients you can grab from your local supermarket.

The Pizza and Sossie Rolls are a favourite for sharing with the whole family.

I love food, but I am not a chef so all the meals are quick and easy to prepare.

If you love food like I do...you will love that I have built your favourite foods into the program in a special way that actually speeds up your metabolism and your results...

3. You also follow the daily workout program I set you. 
I created workouts to slim and tone your tummy, hips, arms, thighs and butt fast...

Easier Versions of Exercises are included with each workout to help you get started even if you are a beginner.

4. You also receive Membership of my private Facebook Group 

I have setup a special Facebook group for your accountability and motivation and support.

5. I am Coaching the Program so you can also directly ask my any questions you have.

Phase Two is "Tighten and Tone"

In Phase 2 the focus is on Tightening and Toning your tummy, hips and butt.

If you are familiar with any of my programs you will know that...

Fast weight loss and body transformation is totally possible...

You can feel smaller in your clothes...and lose weight on the scales in as little as 7 days.

Just check out some of the results from just the first week of one my programs...

And here’s the cool thing about the program 

  • You don’t need to starve yourself
    My Meal plans are all about feeding your body the nutrients that it needs so you always feel full and eliminate cravings.

  • You don't need to deprive yourself of your favourite foods
    Your favourite foods are actually "built in" to the program.

  • You don’t need to join a gym or do hours and hours of exhausting workouts
    You can do the workouts at home.

The results will come faster than you could believe possible.

Here are more results from just the first week of one of my programs...

Bonus: Response Mode Program

Everyone Who Joins the 28 Day Summer Body Transformation is also getting Bonus Access to my Complete Body Transformation Program: Response Mode

Here is exactly what you get in the Response Mode Program.

 1. The Workout Guide

This guide details my exact formula for workouts that enlist your whole body to shrink fat cells everywhere, 24 hours a day...fast, giving you rapid weightloss and toning.

 2. The Workout at Home Guide

Over 80% of my members find it easier to fit in their workouts at home...so I put together a special guide on how to work out at home.

 3. The Nutrition Guide

I share exactly how you can eat heaps of delicious food, fire up your metabolism to burn fat fast, without ever feeling hungry or getting uncontrollable cravings.

 4. My Ultimate List of Foods to Eat (and Not to Eat) for Rapid Body Transformation

I reveal what foods rapidly transform your body and what foods will stall your results every time…

You will be shocked by some of the foods that make the never eat list and surprised by what foods actually help you to slim down and tone up FAST.

 5. The Motivation, Inspiration and Focus Guide

I share my step by step plan for unlocking your unstoppable motivation...

 BONUS. Rapid Response Guides

To reward people who join the program today I am also adding the Rapid Response Guides.

In these guides, I reveal the secret answers to the questions I am being asked all the time.

 6. How to Beat Cellulite and Trouble Spots

This guide details a step by step approach that actually works to beat cellulite and fat trouble spots.

 7. How to Banish Belly Bloat in 24 Hours

This guide outlines my 8 tricks for beating belly bloat in just 24 hours.

 8. How to Tone Your Abs

In this guide I reveal the real secret to having a perfectly flat tummy and toned abs.

 9. How to Overcome Cravings and Emotional Eating

This guide gives you a step by step approach for overcoming cravings and beating emotional eating.

Here are some more incredible results from the Response Mode Program


Lost the “Baby Belly” After Having 3 Kids


Over 50 and  20kgs Lost


56, Mum of 3 and 4 Grandchildren.


Full time working Mum of 2 Lost 30kgs


Got Abs After Having 2 kids


Lost 30kgs Works Full Time


Struggled for a long time...
Lost 69kg after breaking the Diet cycle


Lost 14.6kg works full time


Body Fat Change from 29% to 20% Working Full Time


Lost Lost 21kg,over 40 with 4 kids


Abs Over 40


Over 50 and transformed in just 7 weeks.

Instant Access

The entire 28 Day Summer Body Transformation is instantly downloadable.

You can view the meal plans, workouts and recipes, and all the guides on any computer, any phone or any device, anywhere in the world.

There's no waiting for a package to arrive in the mail, you get full access to the program right away.

Here's what you won’t be doing in the 28 Day Body Transformation

1. You won’t be starving yourself.

You will be amazed by how many delicious meals you will be eating and you won’t ever be hungry.

2. You won’t have to spend hours cooking or preparing ingredients you have never heard of.

Every food you need can be bought from the supermarket.

3. You won’t have to spend hours working out...

There's no complicated exercises, you are not going to feel self-conscious or embarrassed working out...just follow the pictures in the simple work out plans.

4. You don't have to join a gym.

All the workouts can be done at home...Over 80% of my current member’s workout from home.

So How Much Does the 
28 Day Body Transformation Cost?

If you were to work with me at my studio it would cost well over $1560 for just 12 sessions.

I want to make this program really affordable for everyone

You can get the entire 28 Day Summer Body Transformation program for less than the cost of just one of those sessions.

28 Day Summer Body Transformation


The entire 28 Day Summer Body Transformation is a once only purchase of $87.

There is only one catch: I am personally coaching the program so access to the program is limited to the first 56 participants and you must be ready to start the program on Monday October 22nd.

To get started right away...click the orange button below

Here are some more incredible results from the Response Mode Program


46, lost her 'Muffin Top' in just 6 weeks!


Got her Flat Tummy working full time.


Mum of 2, works full time Lost 21 Kilos!


Lost 49.8 kilos


Post Baby Slim Down


Working full time mum of two lost 20kgs

28 Day Summer Body Transformation


The entire 28 Day Summer Body Transformation Program is a once only purchase of $87.

I am personally coaching the program so access to the program is limited to the first 56 participants and you must be ready to start the program on Monday October 22nd.

To get started right away...click the orange button below

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