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I knew the results from my most recent challenge were going to be great…even I was amazed with the results from just the first week

Why do women on my programs get such incredible results so quickly?

It's because I am a bit different to regular “fitness gurus”.

I've actually been out of shape, and I struggled with my weight for a long time...

I had tried and failed at every diet you can think of...

There was a time when I felt I would never be able to change my body

I finally discovered "the secret" of how to change my body...

I personally lost over 20 kilos.

...and this secret has worked for thousands of women following my programs ever since...

So I just put together the perfect program to "kick start" getting into awesome shape...starting Monday January 11th


Starts Monday Jan 11th.

Here is How the Program Works

1. Follow the Meal Plan

  • There's Heaps of Variety
  • You won't be Hungry
  • There's No Calorie Counting
  • Easy to Follow

2. Heaps of Yummy Recipes

You will be eating yummy food like Slimdown Pizza, Quick Spaghetti and Tacos

The Recipes are Family Friendly

The Recipes are Quick and Easy to Prepare

Every week I send you a shopping list of simple ingredients you can grab from any supermarket.

There is complete support for:
Regular, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan.

You are never going to feel like you are missing out.  The program also allows for you to enjoy your fav "Go To Foods" as well.

3. You also get the Muffins, Slices and Cake Recipe Collection

I know it is going to be a LOT easier to stick with eating healthy if you are not missing out on treats.

You can eat every one of these treats for morning and afternoon tea every day of the challenge….and get incredible results

4. Workouts to Slim and Tone

I wrote the workouts for reshaping your tummy, hips, arms, thighs and butt.

5. Daily Motivation

6. Private Facebook Group

You get to be part of the Miss Fitness Life community and get support in the Private Facebook group.

7. I am Your Coach

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So the results will be nothing short of dramatic

Here are some previous results from my programs







  • Who are over 30, 40 or 50
  • Who have weight to lose
  • Who are unfit or out of shape


If you were to work with me at my studio it would cost well over $1560 for just 12 sessions.

I want to make this program really affordable for everyone

You can get the entire Summer Body Transformation program for less than the cost of just one of those sessions.

The 2021 Body Makeover
Starts On Monday January 11th

Special Early Bird Price Expires in

Hurry, only Limited Places Available

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If you are familiar with any of my programs you will know that...

You can feel smaller in your clothes...and lose weight on the scales in as little as 7 days.

Here are some results from the first 7 days on my program...

You don’t need to starve yourself

You will be amazed by how many delicious meals you will be eating and you won’t ever be hungry.

You don't need to miss out on your favourite foods

You dont have to miss out on takeaway, restaurant meals and family bbqs.

You don’t need to join a gym

All the workouts can be done at home...Over 80% of my current member’s workout from home.

You won’t have to spend hours working out...

There's no complicated exercises, you are not going to feel self-conscious or embarrassed working out...just follow the pictures in the simple workout plans.

You won’t have to spend hours cooking or preparing ingredients you have never heard of.

Every food you need can be bought from the supermarket.

Here are more incredible results from the program


Body Fat Change from 29% to 20% Working Full Time


Abs Over 40


Over 50 and transformed in just 7 weeks.

The 2021 Body Makeover
Starts On Monday January 11th

early Bird Pricing Expires

Hurry Only Limited Places Available

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Here are some more incredible results from the Program


46, lost her 'Muffin Top' in just 6 weeks!


Got her Flat Tummy working full time.


Mum of 2, works full time Lost 21 Kilos!


Lost 49.8 kilos


Post Baby Slim Down


Working full time mum of two lost 20kgs

The 2021 Body Makeover
Starts On Monday January 11th

early Bird Pricing Expires

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The Drop a Dress Size Challenge
is Instantly Downloadable

You can view everything right away on any computer, any laptop, any phone or any device, anywhere in the world.

There's no waiting for a package to arrive in the mail, you get full access to everything instantly.

And you don’t have to be a computer-whiz or anything like that.

You simply click on a link, and the recipes will open right away on your screen.

Want to print a recipe? Every recipe is formatted for easy printing.

The 2021 Body Makeover
Starts On Monday January 11th

early Bird Pricing Expires

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PS You are now at a crossroads....

You can keep on trying to do the same thing that you have always done...and get the same frustrating, disappointing results you have always got...or...

In just a few days on the program you will notice that your tummy feels less bloated...

your clothes are already fitting more comfortably and your food cravings are fading away.

Just think in as little as 21 days you can love what you see in the mirror.

You won’t be stuck thinking negative thoughts about your body.

Your confidence will have skyrocketed and you will love shopping for clothes...

You will love being in photos.

You will love getting honest compliments.

You will be heaps more confident in every situation...

…and you will have more energy and be more active doing things that you never thought you would do...

Picture how wonderful it will feel to be able to do all of that any time you want.

And all you have to do to start feeling all of this and to get instant access is to... Click the Big Orange Button Below

Victoria Marie (Vix)
Rapid Body Transformation Expert
Personal Trainer,
Fitness Writer,
Editor Miss Fitness Life